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How to manage the course, teacher, and student as an admin?

Courses managed by admin

1. First login to your seed go to Seed LMS tab.

2. Select Courses and click on Add new

3. From General section you can modify your course settings

4. You can also upload the attachments in your courses like pdf, docx files, video files as well.

5. You can add instructor or tutor in your Course as well.

6. Once you are done with modification in Courses you can publish by going to Publish option on the beginning of the page.

7. You will see the final page after creating courses like this.

Manage course as Tutor

1. First login as tutor and click on my courses to check existing courses or to create new one, you can also click on create a new course to create course.

2. After clicking on create course you will get the option how you want to create your course.

3. After finishing all the modification you need to click on Submit

Courses enrolled to students

1. After login as student you will see page like this from where student can check enrolled courses.

2. This is the page from where student can check enrolled courses.

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