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Zoom integration

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Zoom Market place

First you need to login zoom market place with your Zoom ID and then you will see page like this. Click on develop near manage then select build app.

Select server to server OAuth

You need to select server to server OAuth. Click on create and you will see option to create a name for you app.

App Credentials

You will see app credentials which you need to put in LMS settings.

Next Step

Next steps you need to fill all these fields or else you won’t be able to Activate Zoom for LMS.

Adding Scopes

Next step you need to add scopes please read carefully and add the scopes necessary for your integration. Once done with scopes click on Done and continue to activate your App for LMS.

Login to tutor or your LMS select Zoom

Final step you need Login to tutor or your LMS select Zoom. Need to add all the app credentials and click on Save and check Connection. You will be able to successfully integrate Zoom.

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Zoom integration

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