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What is content drip and how to use it?

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What is content drip?

Content drip means that you offer a timed delivery. Instead of having all the modules available to learners as soon as they have made the purchase, knowledge entrepreneurs choose the number of days that need to pass before unlocking a new installment.

1. Go to Seed LMS and select course.

2. After creating or opening existing course scroll the page you will see option course setting from there select content drip and enable it.

3. Remember you can set the content drip on any content of your course. Like here we are setting it on lessons.

4. We selected lesson B as we are going to set prerequisite content type here.

5. You can check how will it work on course, go to course and select the course on which you have set content drip.

6. As you can check it is showing that you cannot access lesson B need to complete prerequisite one which is lesson A. Like this you can set content drip.

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What is content drip and how to use it?

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