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Seed LMS settings

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Seed LMS settings have many option from where you can modify your website.

In general section you will get the options that will help you to make changes to complete website. From where you can give permission to instructor to publish courses by which instructor will be able to publish course without admin permission.

In Course section you will get option to manage course like, who will be able to see course. You can set time limits for course as course completion process. What kind of grade calculation you want, course visibility and many other options.

In Monetization section you will get the option to set payment method and payment related options. Where you will be able to set sharing percentage amount between Admin and Instructor. Set a description for the fee that you are deducting. Make sure to give a reasonable explanation to maintain transparency with your site’s instructors. Also let you set withdrawal amount etc.

In Design section you will get option to modify website. Like from here you can set logo of your website. Where you can set page features, profile layout and etc.

In advance section you get option to set Instructor Registration Page, Student Registration Page. You can set YouTube API key to host live videos using YouTube. You can also set website on maintenance mode, can set chat GPT feature as well to work with back-end.

In Gradebook section you get option to change grading method where you can use Points Instead of Grades. Enable this option to use numerical points instead of letter grades. You can turn GPA scale system which helps you to show the limit of GPA scales, such as 3.8/4.0 and etc.

In Email section you will get option to set email logo. Which will set a logo whenever there is reply from admin to user the logo set here will show with emails. You can also set the name under which all the emails will be sent. The E-Mail address from which all emails will be sent. You can also set E-Mail Footer Text the text to appear in E-Mail template footer. You can manage and set the email template as well. For e.g someone enrolled for the course they will get an automatic email reply from that template.

Like this we can see the template preview how the email will look like once someone enrolled for the course.

In the notification section you can manage the notification when and which notification you want on site or on Push.

From Certification section you can create certificate.

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Seed LMS settings

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