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How to create a quiz?

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1. First login to your seed go to Seed LMS tab and then go to Courses.

2. Select the course where you want quiz scroll the page and select add new topic

3. Write the title of your topic and click on Add topic.

4. After clicking on Add topic you will see option to add Lessons, Quiz and Assignments. You can also import quiz if you have created previously.

5. After click on Quiz you will see windows where you have to write title for Quiz topic.

6. On next window click on Add a Question to add question in Quiz.

7. On the next page you will get the option to write Question select the type of questions you want for your quiz.

8. As we selected MCQ you have to select add an option to add multiple choice answer.

9. Then you have to write ans. & select display format for how your MCQ ans. should be and click on update ans.

10. After writing multiple answer you have to select the correct ans. from the field to show correct output after student select correct ans.

11. Once you are done with all the questions click save & next.

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How to create a quiz?

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