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How to change the front-end menu link?

1. Click on Menus from appearance section to open a page where you can edit or create new menu. 2. From this page you can edit, create menu and link the page to menu item. 3. Go to pages and

How to create a page, post?

1. Go to pages after login to your seed and select all pages. 2. Click on add new to add/create page. 3. After click on add new you will see next page from where you can set Title for page

How to add or remove users, teachers, students, or admin?

1. To create/edit or delete users go to users section then all users. 2. After selecting all users you will be able to see all the user with their respective roles. 3. To add new user click on Add new

How to build a certificate as a teacher?

1. First you need to login as tutor then you will see option for Certificate. 2. Then click on create certificate to create new certificate. 3. After clicking on create certificate you will be new page where you will be

How to change the email logo and customize it?

1. First you need to login to your Seed and then go to Seed LMS and then select settings. 2. Then you need to click Email and then you will see the option to change or upload the image for

How to create coupons?

1. Click on Coupons after login to your Seed and click on Add coupon. 2. Then you will see page like this where you can generate coupon by clicking on generate code and on same page you can set discount

How to create a quiz?

1. First login to your seed go to Seed LMS tab and then go to Courses. 2. Select the course where you want quiz scroll the page and select add new topic 3. Write the title of your topic and

How to enable a payment gateway?

1. First you need to login to your Seed and then go to then click on e-commerce and select settings. 2. Then you will see page like this from you have to select payment gateway and enable it . 3.

How to export customer data in CSV format?

1. To Export the data in CSV you need to click on eCommerce and then select Export data. 2. Then scroll the page you will format option from where you can select in what format you want your file to

How to manage the course, teacher, and student as an admin?

Courses managed by admin 1. First login to your seed go to Seed LMS tab. 2. Select Courses and click on Add new 3. From General section you can modify your course settings 4. You can also upload the attachments